Codington County Republican Women Report

 Codington County  Republican Women met at the Pizza Ranch on Friday Nov 15,  2019
Meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a Prayer.

Neal Tapio was the guest speaker. He spoke on the life values and morals of our country and the decline of them in our country today. The government and the school system are encouraging the wrong things and influencing our children who may continue these teachings into adulthood. Thus the decline in our culture will continue.

The Human Rights Campaign  are encouraging people to accept their ideas in our city and across the country. They represent the LGBTQ group of people whose effort is  to change the definition of a family as we have known it with a Mother and Father
and their children. We need to keep the family values intact or we will have a breakdown of families and our moral values. We already are experiencing a culture change. We need to be strong .and vocal on this issue of families.

School text books are published by three major companies.
Two of those companies are in Saudi Arabia and one company is in Israel.
Some schools are having students using Prayer rugs. They are pushing their agenda on children.

The ACLU forced the State of South Dakota to have a proper policy in place for the LGBTQ people so their feelings would not be hurt. There is no room for hate, but we need to be Vocal, Strong and Speak the Truth.

Carol Johnson  Recording Secretary/Treasurer

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Monthly meeting

11:30am - 1pm

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