Sandy Rhoden

SDFRW SpotLight Member of the Month

Name: Sandra June Trudy (Murphy) Rhoden ~ Sandy

Hometown: Union Center- current, grew up in Madison, SD

Local SDRW Club: Meade County Republican Women

Where were you born? Philip, SD

Occupation: Ranch wife & homemaker, teacher, coach

Tell us about your family: Larry and I have four boys. Our oldest is Jesse, his wife Sarah Lewis, son, Ladd and daughter, Sully who live in Sturgis. He has a construction business and she is a DO. Cody is married to Liz Gilles and they live north of Ellsworth AFB. He is a deputy sheriff and former black hawk helicopter pilot, while Liz is a professional photographer and works at a medical provider business. Cody, a Political Sci. Major interned for John Thune as well as for the SD Legislature. Reggie works at the Dept. Of Labor in Rapid City and his wife, Jenny, is attending BH Beauty College. Tristen is a full-time student at BHSU. Larry ranches is a custom welder and serves as SD Lt. Governor. He spent several years coaching basketball and refereed many softball and basketball games. He served in the state legislature for many years. I have 3 sisters and one brother, while Larry as 3 brothers and one sister.

Tell us why you belong to SDFRW and feel free to share any special activities and/or committees you have been involved with: I believe that the world is run by those who ‘show up’. It is so important to ‘stand watch’, put boots on the ground and be involved to keep our state and country great. I have been a member of Meade County Republican Women for 20 years, served on the SDFRW Board of Directors for 6 years and am currently SDFRW President. As republican women, I believe we have the strength to change our state and country. As long as we believe our country is worth saving, are united, and are willing to be involved, we will make a difference.

Hobbies and other volunteer organizations: I have enjoyed photography & have shot weddings, family, and senior photos for several decades. I coached basketball, instructed gymnastics, coached track for 20 years, write a weekly news column for 3 papers and am mid -week youth director for our church. I serve as President of Western Dakota Families which provides programs and services in the community for pro-life and pro-family issues. Some of my best buddies for the first 13 years of marriage were my softball team members. I cherish the ladies I work with in our church as well as MCRW and SDFRW.


Who is your favorite Republican and why? My favorite Republican, as well as President, is Donald Trump. No one has stood up for Republican ideals and sacrificed so much to do so as him. Our own country is a battle ground. A true Republican not just believes in this country’s foundation and what makes it strong, they make others believe it by their actions. He is someone who has and continues to actually ‘make a difference’ in the lives of so many people.

Favorite quote or Bible verse:  Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:1