Our Mission

Our purpose is to promote an informed public, through political education and activity; increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government; foster loyalty to the Republican party; and work for election of the republican party nominees.

SDFRW Member Spotlight of the Month

Lois Van Dusseldorp

 Hometown:  Platte, SD

SDFRW Club: Charles Mix Republican Women

1. Where were you born?

I was born and raised on a farm near the small town of Kanawha, Iowa.

2.  Occupation?

I am a farm wife which involves, among other things, doing ll the book work of our farm. I also teach at at Dakota Christian School.

3. Tell us about your family?

My Husband, Ivan, and I have two daughters and one on who are all married along with four grandchildren.

4. Tell us why you belong to SDFRW & share any special activities and/or committees you have been involved with.

Selfishly, I belong to the SDFRW because it gives me a "position." Long before our CMRW group started in South Dakota I volunteered for many political things. I think people wondered why in the world I was doing some of the things I did. Belonging to the Charles Mix Republican Women and our county's central committee gives me direction for my involvement. My main involvement is helping people register to vote and helping with the absentee voting process.

5. Hobbies and other volunteer organizations:

I belong to a local group, Friends on a Mission. We sew reusable feminine hygiene kits for women in foreign countries. I am quite active in our Local Right to Life Chapter, am a church librarian, and belong to Concerned Women for America. I have a large garden and love freezing and canning food and visiting grandchildren.