First stop of Women for Trump tour in Sioux City, Iowa


 Photos of Leslee Unruh, Catherine Barranco, Sandy Rhoden and Penny Sattgast greeting Lara Trump and delegation 


January 30,2020 Evangelicals for Trump


Evangelicals for Trump 🙏


SDFRW Ladies attend the Sioux City gathering with Vice-President Mike Pence in attendance, January 30,2020.


Legislative Day 2020


Republican ladies working tirelessly to make it a better place.

United By A Common Goal


We Believe that lives of ALL Children are worth saving.

Get Involved


Our candidates can't win their races without our and your help.       Word-of-mouth, flyering, and the donating of time are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.

Supporting Our Troops


Helping Families with Loved Ones Overseas.

From the President's Desk

February 2020


Dear SDFRW Membership,

It has been an honor and an absolute pleasure to serve as your President these past few months.  It is hard to believe how many details, questions, plans and duties come with the position, but it’s been time & energy well spent.  Working with such an amazing team of women, in both my local club (Meade County) and our Executive Board, Committee Chairs and active members has been encouraging and inspiring.  I believe we have the ability to do some ‘great’ things in our state and country.  It is imperative that we stand strong at this time in history and not be pushed back by a liberal agenda that could change the course of our future.   

We are blessed to have a Governor who has a true heart for our state, strong convictions, and has the courage to press onward to do what is right. This visionary leader of ours is connected, hardworking, and has great plans for a bright future in South Dakota.  What is so interesting is that we elected our first woman Governor on the 100th anniversary of the Women’s Suffrage. It was no mistake that we elected our amazing Governor, Kristi Noem.  And I’m proud that SDFRW has so many leaders who make up a body that reflects all of those same qualities with passion.

We are moving forward by crossing state lines to help get Republicans elected, appearing at college campuses to share in our new program: Truth for Our Youth, we are connecting with families of deployed soldiers with encouragement and support, we are working to educate the public on issues facing our communities and our state, holding meetings where we exchange ideas and plans, sponsoring community and youth programs, supporting strong republican candidates, preparing to host Ben Carson as our special guest at our State Convention in September and much more.

We are once again putting ‘boots on the ground’ to fulfill our mission to keep our state and our great country free, safe and full of opportunities for all. We welcome other good, Republican women who would like to be involved as members, as well as men who would like to be associate members.  May God bless you, and God bless America.

By the strength of the leaders’ commitment, the power of the team is unleashed.

Sandy Rhoden

SDFRW President