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Monthly Report


At the monthly meeting of the Beadle County Republican Women Law May Paw Soe will discuss the experiences and obstacles she has encountered coming to the United States from the eastern border jungles of Thailand.  Because of a UN organization called United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, many refugees were able to escape the non-existence life and migrate into different countries.  Through various contacts she was able to learn the English language and customs which brought her to the Huron community.  As an interpreter, she assists others with almost everything imaginable—housing, the currency and banking system, shopping, medical and dental appointments, licensing requirements and more.  She also eases the transitional process by teaching individuals about American customs and social skills, encouraging them to participate in community events.

Lah May Paw Soe is not only a beacon of light to the Karen community, but offers everyone an example of how to live in the service of others.

The public is invited to hear this extraordinary young woman Monday, January 13, at 5:00pm at the Library in Ryan’s Hangar in the Crossroads, ordering dinner from the menu.

Also, the SD Federation of Republican Women will be meeting in Pierre on Monday, February 10, for Legislative Day and Desserts at the Governor’s Mansion in the afternoon.    If you have not been to either the SD Legislative Sessions or to the Governor’s Mansion, this is a great opportunity for you!  And even if you have attended before, it will be fun to participate in this trip!  We will make plans to travel together, sharing rides.  Everyone is welcome.  Please contact Rosie by February 5th for arrangements to travel together.

We look forward to seeing you Monday at 5:00pm!

Rosie Harrington

BCRW President


Beadle County Republican Women


National Award

Beadle County Awarded An Achievement Award at 2019 National Convention